Laurie's Inn - Wyoming DFS Licensed
     We are state licensed as a  Family Child Care Home, which offers A music program, we were awarded our NAFCC Accreditation October 10th 2011.  The first Nationally recognized and certified Nature Explore Classroom in Wyoming, as well as a preschool program geared toward our multi- aged classroom.
    The mission/ philosophy statement for Laurie's Inn is to provide a safe, warm and caring home that encourages growth, creativity and learning in a smaller 'Family-Centered' environment.
         Our 'Teepee' hill got a make-over,
           now we are growing a bench~
        using a variety of willows, wisteria,
             and scarlet runner beans :)
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Wyoming Care Giver Awards - Laura Stadtfeld of Casper
Wyoming PBS recognizes Laura Stadtfeld of Casper"The amount of strive and determination this woman displays is unmatched. She has overcome many obstacles and has always tried to improve herself as...
This is an amazing video that was recorded by Jeff Johnson, while him and his wife~ Tasha, both Internationally recognized authors and authorities on "All things Play" (among a boat load of other child related topics as well) came to play with the children :) I ordered a bushel of magnets after this, the kiddo's love them!
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Magnet Play Learning
Kids learn all kinds of skills while playing with magnets.
Everyday New Discoveries
Are Waiting to be Found....
Adventure and Friendship!
A Great Storyteller... and Listener!
Possibilities are as Endless
as Your Imagination!
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Here are a few of the posters
made to remind our community and our neighbors~
~~ Welcome ~~
 At Laurie's Inn, your child will participate in developmentally-appropriate activities throughout the day, such as:
  • Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom Benefits
  • Natrona County Library- Bookmobile
  • Ka-Larks TumbleBus
  • Individually Developed Lesson Plan
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Pre-Reading Activities
  • Musical Play and Activities
         And much more!!!
The Joy of that Special Place, and
         Those Special Friends
Discover the Joy of Discovery!
Family Involvement is Paramount to the Success of our Children
Parent Involvement is Paramount to our childrens success! Here, some of our families are building in the building area with their children
 What will You find?
Meaningful Friend Moments!
New levels of Growth!
For More Information~
Contact Laura at (307)333-5406
or by Email at~
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Join us for some fun, fitness and great discussions! August 11th, 2012!
See details below~
The focus should be on our children, and ensuring that they get the best start possible... 
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